Wachusett Green Monsta IPA

I’ll admit that I have a soft spot for Wachusett Brewing company in Westminster, MA. My lovely wife and I got married in that area of the state and Wachusett beers were on draft all weekend. Having good craft beer of draft was a must for my wedding and Wachusett came through big time. While their most well known beer is probably their blueberry ale, but Wachusett has been making a wide range of ales since 1993, and their beers are available on draft, and in bottles and cans around the state, including at Fenway park and in the seats on top of the Monster itself. This lineup includes Green Monsta IPA, named after the iconic wall at Fenway park. With the Red Sox punching their trip to the World Series last night, and Shane Victorino hitting that key Grand Slam over the Green Monster, I couldn’t think of a better time to review Wachusett Green Monsta IPA.

Wachusett Green MonstaWachusett Green Monsta IPA pours an amber/gold with a solid and sustained white head. The smell is stronhly hoppy, with the smells you expect from American hops, citrus fruit and cut grass. The beer is hop forward, with a solid bitter flavor without being overdone. A mild malt backbone adds a little balance and a touch of maltiness, but the hops rule the palate, lemon, grass and some earthy flavors dominate. The beer is clean and easy to drink, the perfect beer for a BBQ or for sitting and watching some baseball. I hope to have a few more as I watch the Sox in the World Series this week! Hoppy Boston score: 4.25/5

PS-I realize I’ve been reviewing a ton of IPA’s lately, and while I’ll continue to drink and review a lot of IPA’s, I’ll try to mix it up a bit, feel free to send recommendations to my twitter account or on my facebook page!

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