Craft Beer Cellar Belmont

One question I often get when I bring up a great local beer that I’ve tried is ‘where can I find that’? The increased popularity of craft beer has led to a better selection of local and seasonal beers in most liquor stores in the Boston area, but if you want the best combination of selection and service my recommendation is the Craft Beer Cellar. The original Craft Beer Cellar is in Belmont, but they now have locations in Newton, Westford and Winchester, with more coming soon. There are many reasons to shop here over other liquor stores. First, they focus entirely on craft beers (with some craft cider and mead for good measure). You won’t find any college kids with carts full of Natty Light 30 racks, Craft Beer Cellar doesn’t carry the macro-brew light lagers favored by much of the underage frat crowd. Also, they have a ton of local products, if a New England brewer bottles their beer and distributes in Massachussettes, it is probably available at CBC. With this selection, freshness is important, especially with hop-forward beers that are best fresh and the Craft Beer Cellar is great about keeping fresh product in stock. One final feature, all of their beers are available as singles, so if you’d like to try something without buying a full 6-pack you are welcome to grab a single bottle. The staff loves beer, they are friendly, helpful and always have recommendations. Their website is well maintained at: The website includes an updated list of their selections, so you can check out what’s in stock before you travel. I highly recommend checking out Craft Beer Cellar for all of your craft beer needs. I just made a trip this evening, and showed at least a little restraint; check out my haul below and expect reviews of all of these beers very soon:
CBC Oct2013

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