Revolution Eugene

My style of the month reviews should follow the trend I’ve established on Hoppy Boston, I will focus on New England beers and mix in a few national favorites that are available in the Boston area. Some less common styles might necessitate fewer local reviews, but that won’t be much of an issue for a […]

Night Shift Awake

I am starting a new feature on Hoppy Boston, each month I will pick a different beer style as the focus of my reviews. I’ll still mix it up to keep pace with interesting new releases, but the style of the month will dominate. I am going to try and stick to some less-heralded styles, I want to find more […]

Founders Porter

I’ve started to notice that I tend to over-focus my beer purchasing, consuming and writing on the newest beer releases. I know I’m not the only one! A great new beer almost always has way more buzz amongst craft beer connoisseurs than the re-release of something that has been brewed before. I really started to think about this last month when I […]

Mayflower Porter

As more breweries open and competition increases for market share many brewers seem to be resorting to gimmicks as a way to attract customers. Some are making bigger and bigger beers, higher alcohol, higher IBUs, ultra-hoppy triple IPAs or booze-forward barrel aged imperial stouts. Some have crazy in-your-face label art or bold to borderline offensive beer […]

H2H Beer Review: Porter, Henniker Working Man’s Porter vs. Smuttynose Robust Porter

When I review beers for this blog I try to cover breweries from all over New England, although beers that are distributed to the Boston area tend to be the focus for practical reasons. With all of the renowned breweries in Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont it is easy to occasionally overlook the brewing scene in New Hampshire. New Hampshire […]