Amory’s Tomb/Lost Shoe/Time and Materials The Advancement of Interests

I love Belgian beer all year round, but I have a special affinity for these styles in the springtime. There is something about the expressive Belgian style yeast strains that works incredibly well with the warming weather and blooming plants. While saisons are my favorite spring style I also love bigger Belgian styles, especially tripels […]

Black Hog Irish Cream

Yesterday I was thinking about the drinks that often get associated with St Patrick’s day celebrations, at least in the US. Guinness and Irish whiskey are easy choices, they are foundational Irish drinks that have become year-round mainstays in American drink culture. “Green beer”, usually adjunct lagers mixed with green food coloring, are a fully […]

Proclamation 42

The local craft beer community suffered a big loss on Christmas day when Dave Witham, proprietor and co-founder of Proclamation Ales in Rhode Island, passed away a month after being diagnosed with cancer. He leaves behind a wife and a seven year old daughter, a GoFundMe has been set up to help them during this […]