Hoppy Boston Best Beers: Fall 2019

I just realized that I haven’t done a Best Beers reviewed on Hoppy Boston recap acticle since the end of spring. I skipped the summer version because I only had one qualifying beer, lots of good beers but few that were great. This fall I reviewed 4 new beers that qualify for addition to the Hoppy Boston’s Favorite Beers list, and as a bonus I’ll also recap the qualifying beer from the summer in case you missed it. All these beers are stellar, definitely worth grabbing if you get a chance. As always, feel free to pass along any suggestions of awesome beers you think I need to try and then review!

Fall Reviews:

Maine Beer Co Dinner

Maine Beer Co. Dinner: One of the original local unicorn beers that inspired people to sleep in their cars ahead of a bottle release, and it absolutely lives up to the hype. Huge hop flavors, pungent aroma, smooth and incredibly easy-drinking for a DIPA. Much easier to find now too with the MBC expansion, you still need to drive to Freeport but it is usually available!

Orono The Way Life Should Be

Orono Brewing The Way Life Should Be: The first beer I’ve ever tried from Orono Brewing and it was stellar. Just what you are looking for in a NEIPA, loads of fruity hops and a soft bitterness that makes it so drinkable.

Allagash Haunted House

Allagash Haunted House: A popular brewery-only seasonal release that finally went out for distribution this year. A perfect mix between rich dark malts, old-world hops, and expressive Belgian style yeast.

Exhibit A Sunday Paper

Exhibit A Sunday Paper: A beer I’ve enjoyed multiple times before but just got around to reviewing. Rich malt flavor, enough coffee to complement without overwhelming the malts, goes down way too easy for a big beer.

Summer Review:

Bissell Brothers Nuclear Whim

Bissell Brothers The Nuclear Whim With the Fuse of a Mile: Another exceptional hoppy beer from Bissell Brothers, they really know how to construct a delicious ale that gets every ounce of flavor out of the hops.

That is it for fall/summer, look forward to more reviews this winter, hopefully highlighting some stellar dark, malty and boozy offerings!

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