2019 Maine Beer Trip Photo-Blog

I am trying to do a better job of taking quality photos when I visit breweries, this effort is part of a larger goal of working on improving all of my beer photography. It is still a work in progress, but I think I am making strides. It is especially difficult when I am trying to grab some beers to-go at a brewery while also wrangling my two kids, but I am always up for a challenge. This weekend I took a trip to Maine to visit family and celebrate my birthday, and as a gift to me, we made stops at 7 breweries, two on the way up, one for my birthday dinner and 4 more quick stops in Portland on the way home. I decided to put together a little photo-blog of some of the trip highlights!

Stop #1: Gritty McDuff’s, Freeport. Lunch at Gritty’s has been a family tradition for Maine trips since before my wife and I were married. We always know what to expect, quality food, a friendly atmosphere and classic beers in a range of styles.

2019 Grittys 1

2019 Grittys 2

I tried their New NEIPA and really enjoyed it, good hop flavor and a little bitter bite for balance.

2019 Grittys 3

Stop #2: Maine Beer Company, Freeport. Right down the road from Gritty’s is one of my favorite breweries in Maine, the incomparable Maine Beer Company. I made a quick stop in their beautiful new taproom for some beers to go.

2019 MBC 1

2019 MBC 2

I don’t feel like I am truly in Maine until I am sipping a glass of Maine Beer Company beer by the lake at my parents’ house!

2019 MBC 3

Also amazing, Dinner is now available on a regular basis at the brewery! One of the best beers in New England, look for a full review coming soon!

2019 MBC 4

Stop #3: Liberty Craft Brewing, Liberty. My parents took us to this local-ish brewpub for my birthday dinner. The BBQ was tasty, the views were impressive, and there were some interesting beer options.

2019 Liberty 1

2019 Liberty 3

I got a flight of all 6 beers on draft, my favorite was definitely Dewey’s Double IPA, which had big hop flavor and easy drinkability for a bigger beer.

2019 Liberty 2

2019 Liberty 4

Stop #4: Oxbow Brewing, Portland. On the ride home, we stopped in Portland for lunch. Thanks for all the recommendations for family-friendly lunch stops on Twitter, we were going to go to Silly’s but there was a line out the door so we grabbed pizza at Otto. Right down the road is Oxbow Brewing’s Portland taproom, so I hopped in for some beers to go!

2019 Oxbow 3

2019 Oxbow 2

2019 Oxbow 4

Stop #5: Goodfire Brewing, Portland. Goodfire has been towards the top of my must-visit-soon breweries list for a while, so I was excited to finally make it. They were having a big outdoor party with music and food trucks which worked out great, I was able to grab beers here and at two other nearby breweries while my wife took the kids to get ice cream.

2019 Goodfire 1

2019 Goodfire 2

Goodfire had just released Prime and Super Prime, the single and double version of their Citra-heavy IPA, and I can’t wait to give these a try!

2019 Goodfire 3

Stop #6: Lone Pine Brewing, Portland. Lone Pine’s original taproom is in the same building as Goodfire, so I hopped in and grabbed a few beers to-go, including their newest collaboration with The Holy Donut!

2019 Lone Pine 1

2019 Lone Pine 2

2019 Lone Pine 3

Stop #7: Brewery Extrava, Portland. Finally, I dd a quick stop at one of the newest breweries in the area, Brewery Extrava. Brewery Extrava specializes in Belgian style beers, styles that I love and are typically underappreciated in the hop-obsessed American beer market.

2019 Brewery Extrava 1

2019 Brewery Extrava 2

2019 Brewery Extrava 3

2019 Brewery Extrava 4

After all of these stops my beer fridge is loaded, and I can’t wait to try everything. Look forward to a number of follow-up articles and reviews in the coming weeks! Also, please pass along any feedback on the photo-blog format, I would like to give this a try in the future and continue to improve my beer-tography. Cheers!

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