Harpoon Dunkin’ Coffee Porter

Despite surviving 6 years of grueling graduate school and now parenthood with two young children, I never started drinking coffee. I am not entirely sure why, I like the smell of coffee and didn’t dislike the flavor the few times I’ve tried it, I just never picked up the habit. Despite my lack of coffee drinking I do enjoy many coffee infused beers, especially rich and malty porters and stouts. Craft coffees have become a big hit among many coffee drinkers, and a number of small breweries have teamed up with these artisanal roasters to brew their coffee infused beers. Harpoon went in a slightly different direction with their new coffee porter, teaming up with the dominant locally based breakfast chain Dunkin’ Donuts. This combination makes a ton of sense, both companies are regional institutions that are strongly associated with the Boston area, and the announcement about the collaboration generated immediate buzz. Harpoon Dunkin Coffee Porter is available now on draft and in 12 oz bottles.

Harpoon Dunkin Coffee PorterHarpoon Dunkin’ Coffee Porter pours deep brown with a solid tan head. The aroma features plenty of roasted malt along with a bit of coffee. The coffee is more prevalent in the flavor, adding a nice complement without overpowering the beer. The roasted malts contribute notes of dark chocolate, brown sugar and black licorice. Some earthy hops round out the flavor and add some bitter bite to the finish. Dunkin’ Coffee Porter is medium bodied and smooth, moderately boozy at 6.0% ABV. The finish is crisp and dry with some lingering coffee and malt flavors. Overall this is an enjoyable coffee porter, easy drinking and well balanced, great for the cool weather of fall. Hoppy Boston score: 4.0/5.

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