Funky Bow So Folkin Hoppy

I am officially on a short vacation, tomorrow I am headed up to Maine for a long weekend. The major purpose of this trip is to visit family, the little man is very excited to  spend some time with my family on the lake. That being said, I am hoping to squeeze in a little beer-related fun on the trip, maybe a stop at a brewery or two, and definitely grabbing some Maine beers to enjoy on the trip. There are a number of Maine breweries that are on my “need-to-try” list, fortunately some of them are now distributing in Massachusetts. One good example is Funky Bow Brewing out of Lyman, Maine. I’ve heard some good things about Funky Bow, but it’s one of the places that I’ve never had a chance to visit, so I was excited to see some of their beer make the trek south. One beer I tried recently was So Folkin Hoppy, their flagship IPA brewed with Galaxy hops. Funky Bow So Folkin Hoppy is available year round on draft and in 12 oz cans.

Funky Bow So Folkin HoppyFunky Bow So Folkin Hoppy pours a slightly hazy deep orange with a solid off white head. The aroma features plenty of hops, floral and grassy. The hops also lead the flavor, notes of pine, lemon and grapefruit along with a solid bitter bite. This is complemented by substantial malt flavor, hints of caramel and whole grain bread. So Folkin Hoppy is medium bodied, smooth and moderately boozy at 6.5% ABV. The finish is crisp with some lingering hop flavor and bite. Overall this is a solid old-school American IPA, a nice way to mix it up from the juicy IPAs that are so popular now. Hoppy Boston score: 4.0/5.

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