Clown Shoes Mango

I cannot believe today is the last day of August, this summer has flown by incredibly fast. I imagine that part of the issue was living in a fog for the last few months as I adapted to fatherhood (and a baby who is incredibly easy in most ways, except for a little problem with sleeping). Despite the fact that every single food and beverage item will be available in pumpkin flavor by tomorrow (if it wasn’t already) summer doesn’t immediately end on September 1st. Hell, we’re going to hit 90 in Boston this week. So while some people will finally give in and drink fall beers tomorrow, I am going to squeeze every drop out of summer that I can. One summery beer that I enjoyed recently is Mango, the new summer seasonal from Clown Shoes. Clown Shoes old summer seasonal was Crunkle Sam, an American Barleywine, because only a brewery like Clown Shoes would pair summer weather with a barleywine. Their new summer release is a little more weather-appropriate. Mango is a kolsch brewed with a healthy dose of hops and the addition of mango. Mango is available in 22 oz bombers while it lasts, grab some and celebrate some of the final weeks of warm weather!

Clown Shoes MangoClown Shoes Mango pours a clear bright yellow with a moderate white head. The scent is a mixture of tropical fruit and floral hops. The mango is present in the flavor but subdued, it adds fruit flavor without overwhelming the beer. The hops also add a substantial punch, notes of orange, lemon, grass and earth. The malts round out the flavor, touches of pale grain and crackers. One minor quibble, some German yeast strains contribute a distinct clove or banana flavor that I don’t get here, without the label I’m not sure that I would have identified this beer as a kolsch instead of an American pale ale. Clown Shoes Mango is very light bodied and easy to drink, with a moderate 6.5% ABV. The finish is clean and dry, a refreshing beer for the last warm weeks of summer. Lots of Clown Shoes beers are in your face with every flavor taken to an 11, but I appreciated the lighter touches here. Hoppy Boston score: 4.0/5.

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