SoMe Templeton Saison

Unfortunately it looks like I will only make one trip to Maine this summer, my next trip up north will probably be for Thanksgiving (and might be abbreviated). I had a grand plan to visit a crazy number of breweries on the trip up in July, and then I immediately started to scale back to a more reasonable number when I remembered that I was travelling with an infant. One of the breweries on my initial list that didn’t make this cut due to the timing of our drive was SoMe (Southern Maine) Brewing Company in York. I wasn’t very familiar with SoMe’s beers, but I had heard good things about a number of their selections and hoped to try some right from the source. It didn’t work out on this trip, but they are still high on my list of places to visit on a fture trip to Vacationland. Fortunately for me, right after my trip SoMe announced that they were expanding distribution into Massachusetts, so I was able to finally try some of their beers. On my last stock-up run I picked up a bottle of SoMe Templeton Saison, a Belgian style ale brewed with coriander and lemon. SoMe Templeton Saison is sold on draft and in 22 oz. bombers, and is now regularly available in metro Boston!

SoMe Templeton SaisonSoMe Templeton Saison pours a hazy deep orange with a massive white head and vigorous carbonation. The scent is mild, mostly spicy and fruity Belgian style yeast. The yeast also leads the flavor, notes of apple, pepper, clove. The added coriander and lemon are also present without being overpowering. The yeast is complemented by a solid malt body, touches of wheat and fresh baked bread. The flavor is rounded out by some earthy hops. The beer is clean, medium bodied and easy to drink at 5.7% ABV. The finish is smooth with just a hint of estery yeast in the aftertaste. SoMe Tempelton is a solid saison, good flavor and well balanced. I look forward to sampling more of SoMe’s beers and hopefully stopping by the brewery on one of my next trips up to Maine! Hoppy Boston score: 4.0/5.

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