CBC Newton Opens their new location!

Frequent readers of this blog know that I am a huge fan of the Craft Beer Cellar franchise of bottle shops, they have amazing selection, great service and owners/employees who have a passion for beer. My local store is the Newton location, I am pretty sure that the majority of beers reviewed on this blog were purchased at their store in Newton Centre. I was a little distressed when that location closed in January, but was super excited that they decided to open their new location on 14 Austin St. in Newtonville (which is even closer to where I live). The new store had a soft opening yesterday, and of course I was among the first customers. The new store is up and running, it looks like they are still ironing out a few of the details, but it is still the same crew of dedicated Beer Geeks and there is a ton of beer worth picking up. While the new space is considerably smaller (the old space wasn’t financially viable due to the rent per square foot in Newton), they did a great job organizing it and maximizing the selection.



As you can see, I did a pretty solid stock up run. I am especially excited to try the first release from Down The Road Brewery, the new Newton establishment that is officially launching this week (but CBC Newton had some in stock already). Any guesses which brewery will be featured in my next Brewery Overview article? Expect upcoming reviews of many of the beers pictured above, and if you want to weigh in with your own opinions I recommend making the trip to Newtonville, checking out the new store and grabbing some of these beers to try!


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