Evil Twin Ron and The Beast Ryan

Saturday was apparently “Saison Day”. There seems to be a designated “drink this beer day” for every popular (or even not so popular) beer style now. I have no idea who decides this and I have no interest in figuring it out, it seems pretty contrived to me. That being said, I love the saison style and I need no excuse to drink a saison to celebrate the start of spring (even if it snowed in MA and feels nothing like spring yet). My “Saison Day” selection was Ron and The Beast Ryan by Evil Twin Brewing Company. Evil Twin’s lead brewer Jeppe has named a number of beers after his frequent brewing partner Ryan, and since I have a particular fondness for that name I have a tendency to pick them up. Maybe it’s a subconscious desire to have a popular beer named after myself. Ron and The Beast Ryan is a saison fermented with Brettanomyces, the wild yeast strain that adds a rustic funky flavor to many traditional ales of continental Europe. Evil Twin Ron and The Beast Ryan is available on a rotating basis on draft and in 22 oz. bombers.

Evil Twin Ron and The Beast RyanEvil Twin Ron and The Beast Ryan pours a bright orange with a solid snow-white head. The smell is very funky, barnyard with a little spice. The Brett yeast comes through strongly in the flavor, notes of farmhouse, wet grass, crabapple and pepper. There is a solid malt backbone too, touches of toasted bread and just a hint of honey. Not a ton of hops here, just a touch of earthiness and some crispness at the finish. The beer is light bodied and easy to drink while still being complex, and packs a little punch at 7% ABV. Ron and The Beast Ryan really showcases the flavors produced by fermentation with Brettanomyces, while some beers use a little Brett for subtle complexity this beer hits you over the head with the flavor. If you like Brett fermented beer this is a must-try. Hoppy Boston score: 4.25/5.

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