Long Trail “Sick Day” IPA

I have no idea how some people can drink beer while they’re sick. I’ve been fighting a nasty head-cold and I haven’t even felt like writing about beer, let alone drinking any. How can you enjoy the full sensory experience of a great beer when you can’t smell anything and your tongue is numb from cough drops? Fortunately I tend to drink a week or so ahead, so I have beers I drank last week (when I was healthy) to review this week. I’ll get caught up this weekend when I am feeling better. I had no idea when I sampled Long Trail’s new “Sick Day” IPA last week that I would get sick afterwards,  (and not from the beer) so it seems like an appropriate beer to review considering my current circumstances. The “Sick Day” moniker is clearly a little tongue in cheek, referring to all the people who call in sick from work to go skiing in the winter. Long Trail is releasing “Sick Day” as their new winter seasonal, replacing their old winter beer Hibernator, a Scottish ale. This seems to be a trend, where many craft breweries are replacing malt-forward seasonal beers with hoppier offerings. Long Trail “Sick Day” IPA is available on draft and in 12 oz. bottles during the cold winter months.

Long Trail Sick Day IPALong Trail “Sick Day” IPA pours a deep amber with a mild white head. The smell is hop-forward, floral and foresty. The hops also lead the taste, with notes of pine, grass and earth. This hoppiness is balanced by a solid dose of malt, hints of caramel and whole grain bread. The beer is smooth and drinkable, with a full body and a pleasant bitter bite. The finish is clean with some pine and grass flavor in the aftertaste. While Long Trail’s Limbo IPA is more of the American/West Coast style citrusy hop-bomb, this beer is more of the English style IPA, hop forward with a solid chewy malt backbone. I actually prefer these heavier bodied and malty IPAs during the colder months, so this fits the season. Hoppy Boston score: 4.0/5.

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  1. I just tried a Sick Day ,it’s the style I have been making for years . It’s a very relaxing ale and no driving allowed should be written on the label . Water source is important when making a strong ale with a lot of hops . Strong barley grain taste . My ingredients included 50% grains and 50% liquid malt along with any hops that began with a letter C . I made this right up to 9% myself , and one 22 oz would turn a man into a mouse . 6.8 % is just right for one public drink without a meal. That’s why they call it Sick Day . This is my style. I am waiting for the 12 pack so I can sell my brew making tools as I am getting closer to 70 years old, great brew 4.5 of a possible 5

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