Hoppy Boston Turns One Year Old

Today is officially the one year anniversary of the launch of Hoppy Boston. I had a number of reasons for starting the blog.

1)  I was a little overwhelmed by the selection of beers and wanted a reason to sample as many different releases as I could.

2) I wanted to spend more time thinking about what I was drinking, getting beyond “I liked this beer” and delving into why I liked it (or why I didn’t).

3) I had used other local beer blogs to find recommendations, and hoped to help other people out by suggesting beers I enjoyed.

4) I wanted a good excuse to visit breweries and check out their newest releases.

5)  I also wanted to get outside of my comfort zone and try styles that I wasn’t as familiar with.

The blog has grown slowly but steadily over the year. I have written 181 posts including beer reviews, visits to bars and breweries, recaps of my favorite beers, homebrew recipes, and the occasional rant or opinion piece. I have developed a great following between twitter (@HoppyBoston), facebook (www.facebook.com/hoppyboston) and on wordpress itself. Thank you all so much for reading and following. I have had a blast writing the blog and chatting with you over social media. I have a bunch of new ideas and I expect the blog to continue to evolve. Feel free to leave any feedback or send along any suggestions!

Finally, a huge thank you to my lovely wife and editor. My writing style is still a work in progress, but I feel like it has become significantly better over the course of the year and she is the main reason. She also has an impressive palate, loves to try new beers and contributes to the blog on every level.

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