Newburyport Greenhead IPA

Newburyport, MA is a quintessential picturesque coastal New England town that is a sought after destination for Summer travellers. It is no surprise that local residents Bill Fisher and Chris Webb wanted to build a brewery there, crafting ales that are perfect for a day at the beach. So, along with experienced head brewer Mike Robinson, they founded Newburyport Brewing Company in 2012. The 23 barrel brewhouse is just outside of town and currently produces three styles of ale. All of Newburyport Brewing Company’s beers are packaged in cans and kegs only. The advantage to canning includes ease of transport (and recycling!), plus cans are better at keeping air and light away from the beer which keeps it fresh. One of Newburyport Brewing Company’s flagship beers is Green Head IPA. This assertively hoppy West Coast style IPA is called “the beer that bites you back” due to it’s aggressive bitterness. Newburyport Brewing Company Greenhead IPA is available year round in 12 oz. cans and on draft.

Newburyport Greenhead IPANewburyport Greenhead IPA pours a clear deep amber with a massive cream colored head. The smell is all hops, tons of resin with a little citrus. You can practically smell the bitterness in this beer. It drinks aggressively hoppy, lots of pine and earthy flavors with a little lemon. The bitterness kicks you right in the tongue, I know why they call this the beer that bites you back! Under all of the assertive hops is a solid malt backbone, with some bready and toffee notes adding a little balance. At 7.2% ABV Greenhead IPA packs a solid kick, but it is pretty drinkable for a fuller-bodied IPA. The finish is very hop-centric, with a mouth puckering bite. This is a very solid IPA, well made with great flavor. It makes me very interested in trying the other beers Newburyport Brewing Company brews. Hoppy Boston score: 4.25/5.


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