(Relatively minor) Stock-up Run, CBC Newton April 2014

CBC Newton April 2014

I was running some Saturday errands in Newton Centre this morning, and of course that meant a stop into Craft Beer Cellar. My lovely wife reminded me that we still have a lot of beer in the fridge and I said I just needed to grab the new Trillium bottles…and maybe one or two other things. I did a good job with restraint this time, usually I fill my basket to the point that I need both hands to hold it and my muscles start to cramp up. As always, the guys at CBC were extremely helpful. One thing I asked about were some recommendations for introductory sour beers. I don’t have much experience with sours, and I am looking to expand my palate a little. I grabbed a couple to try, I’ll definitely post some thoughts once I sample them. If any readers have other suggestions, let me know through the comments or on twitter @HoppyBoston.



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