Maine Beer Co. Another One IPA

With their hop-forward selection of ales Maine Beer Co. in Freeport, ME has become one of the most popular new breweries in New England. Some of their ales, including their IPA Lunch, are very difficult to find, selling out as soon as they are released. I am originally from Maine and Freeport is on the way to my family home, so stopping at Maine Beer Co. for some fresh beers is a no-brainer. During the holidays, I had hoped to pick up some Lunch along with Weez, their black IPA, but both were sold out. You know your beer is in high demand when you can’t even keep it in stock at the brewery. One of the beers I did find is Another One, Maine Beer Co.’s “other” IPA. Another One is the sister beer to Weez, they have the same varieties and addition schedule of popular American hop varieties; Warrior, Cascade, Simcoe and Citra. The difference between the beers is their malts. As a black IPA Weez uses dark crystal, chocolate malt, midnight wheat and black barley for a dark color and deep flavor. Another One uses light base malts along with CaraPils and Red Wheat, resulting in a lighter color and hop-dominated flavor.

Maine Beer Co Another OneMaine Beer Co. Another One IPA pours a pale gold, slightly hazy with a solid and sustained white head. You get very nice lacing on the sides of the glass as you drink. The smell is all American hops, very strong citrus and tropical fruit aromas followed by hints of pine. The taste is also very hop-forward, bold flavors of grapefruit, orange zest, guava, lemon and resin. There is a touch of maltiness in the backbone, but this is an aggressively hop-forward IPA. Another One IPA finishes clean with a mouth-puckering hop bitterness that keeps you coming back for more. Another One weighs in at 7.0% ABV, so it is a solid IPA, but drinks easy and there is no hint of alcohol in the flavor. I have had Lunch before, it is delicious and deserves a lot of the hype it gets from craft beer enthusiasts. However, if you are an IPA lover who enjoys the flavors of American hops, Another One IPA is a great beer in its own right and a spectacular substitute to Lunch. Hoppy Boston score: 4.75/5.


  1. Had my first “Another One” this week (bottled 3 weeks prior). A TON of great hop aroma. I actually prefer it to Lunch, but I’m guessing that’s just based on my preference of hop varieties. Still, I do wish there was a bit more malt flavor involved. As with Lunch, I find it so out of balance that it’s like drinking an overly late-hopped blonde ale or light lager. Again, I enjoyed Another One tremendously, though… hidden malts or not. Right up there neck and neck with my favorite Maine Beer, “Mo”.

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