Review: Boulevard Brewing Dark Truth Stout

Boulevard Brewing’s website says that they are the second biggest brewery in Missouri, the largest makes a lot of beer that won’t be reviewed in this blog (unless I do it as a joke at some point). Unlike the bland mass produced lagers from St. Louis, Boulevard makes a wide range of flavorful craft beer, and have a large distribution, so you can find their saisons, IPA’s and collaborations throughout the US (check their website for availablity).

Dark Truth is Boulevard’s Imperial Stout, sold year-round in 4-packs. The “imperial” designation and 4-pack packaging should immediately tip you off that this isn’t a light beer. Tipping the scales at 9.7% ABV this stout is a slow sipper, perfect for the cold months that are rapidly approaching.

Boulevard StoutThe beer pours pitch black with a solid brown head into a tulip glass. The first taste gives you chocolate and coffee notes from the dark malts used in the brew. The alcohol is there, not overwhelming like some imperial stouts, but noticeable. Overall the beer is pretty easy to drink considering it’s ABV, a perfect beer to sip on a cool fall/cold winter evening. Hoppy Boston Score: 4.75/5.

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