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Marshall Wharf Little Mayhem and Can’t Dog

I’ve amassed a pretty solid collection of beer glassware. I try to grab a glass from any brewery that I visit on a somewhat regular basis, or any place that makes beers that are a part of my rotation. An entire shelf in our china cabinet is full of beer glasses, and so far my wife hasn’t complained. Most of my glassware has been purchased as I visit breweries, and unfortunately a few pieces have met with mishaps on the way home. One example was a pint glass I purchased last year on a visit to Marshall Wharf Brewing Company in Belfast, Maine. Marshall Wharf is close to my parents house, so I tend to swing by when I am visiting, but the glass I bought broke on the return trip to Mass, and unfortunately they only had tasting glasses in stock during my stop this summer. Fortunately I was able to grab some beers, including their sessionable stout Little Mayhem and they huge DIPA Can’t Dog. Both beers are available on a rotating basis on draft and in 16 oz tallboy cans.

Marshall Wharf Little MayhemMarshall Wharf Little Mayhem pours deep brown with a massive off-white head. The aroma is mild featuring some roasted malt. The flavor is malt forward, notes of roasted barley, black coffee, and dark chocolate. There is some late hop flavor for balance, grassy with a little bitterness. Little Mayhem is medium bodied and sips easy, sessionable at 4.1% ABV. The finish is dry with some lingering malt flavor. Low ABV dark and malty beers are underrepresented on the market, it’s nice to see a flavorful and easy to drink stout that won’t put you under the table. Hoppy Boston score: 4.25/5.

Marshall Wharf Can't DogMarshall Wharf Can’t Dog pours deep red with a small white head. The aroma features some hops, floral and grassy. The flavor is balanced for an IPA. The hops add notes of pine, tangerine and earth along with a solid bitter bite. This is complemented by a full malt body, hints of caramel, honey and a little boozy burn. Can’t Dog is a full bodied sipper, a very big beer at 9.7% ABV. This is an interesting beer, part way between a classic DIPA and a newer style hopped up barleywine or strong ale. Hoppy Boston score; 4.0/5.

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Marshall Wharf Bitter Truth


Marshall Wharf Bitter Truth

I am a bit behind on my reviews, I did a major stock up run in mid-August and then my trip to Maine, and while I’ve sampled and taken notes on all of those beers I haven’t written the reviews yet. Need to get used to this two articles a weeks schedule, it’s just too hard to consistently do three with my new commute/job/schedule. Anyways, one of the stops I made in Maine was to Marshall Wharf Brewing Company in Belfast, easily the closest brewery to my parent’s house. This wasn’t my first visit to Marshall Wharf but it’s my first review, last year their canning line was down and the growler I bought didn’t make the trip back. Marshall Wharf is a throwback in many ways, while many breweries are building state of the art taprooms with décor by local artists the Marshall Wharf taproom is on the lower level of a building, with furnishings that are scant and clearly second (or third) hand. The location of the brewery couldn’t be better though, right on the waterfront of Belfast harbor. The brewery is only open during the early afternoon, by 4 you can sample their beers upstairs at Three Tides, an affiliated restaurant and bar. In August I stopped by and did a tasting of their eclectic selections, leaving with a four pack of Bitter Truth, a traditional English ESB. The one downer from the trip, I also grabbed a pint glass but it broke on the trip back south. They don’t appear to have an online store, so I guess this gives me a good excuse to go back the next time I’m in Maine!

marshall-wharf-bitter-truthMarshall Wharf Bitter Truth ours a clear deep copper with a pillowy off-white head. The scent is a mixture of bready malts and herbal hops. The flavor is balanced, just what you’d expect from an ESB. There is a solid malt presence, notes of toast, biscuits and caramel. This is complemented by the old world hops, touches of cut grass, flowers and pine along with a little bitter bite. Bitter Truth is medium bodied, smooth and not too boozy at 5.5% ABV. The finish is a mixture of crisp hop bite and just a hint of malt sweetness. Marshall Wharf Bitter Truth is a well done take on an underappreciated style, and the brewery will continue to be part of my routine when I visit family in Maine. Hoppy Boston score: 4.25/5.