Small Change The Future Is Unwritten

Small Change Brewing, a small contract brewery based out of Somerville, is celebrating one year in operation this month. In a nearly saturated beer market, it is tough for any new brewery to make a big impression, especially a contract firm who can’t rely on the draw of a taproom, but Small Change has managed to generate significant positive buzz this year. This is especially impressive when you realize that the first three beers they released (and the only three they brewed for the majority of the year) were a pale ale, an English style dark mild and a porter. All of the beers are well crafted and consistent, and beer geeks have taken notice. I was excited to finally try The Future Is Unwritten, there aren’t many local breweries making English dark milds, the lower alcohol version of traditional English brown ales. Small Change The Future Is Unwritten is available on a rotating basis on draft and in 16 oz cans.

Small Change The Future Is Unwritten

Small Change The Future Is Unwritten pours cola brown with a massive tan head. The aroma is mild, just a touch of malt. The flavor is malt forward, notes of caramel, brown sugar, chocolate, and roasted nuts. This is balanced by a bit of earthy and floral hops. The Future Is Unwritten is light and easy drinking, at 3.1% ABV it is a session beer by any definition. The finish is clean with just a little lingering malt flavor. This is a tasty version of a style ignored by many American brewers, a great beer for cool evenings after warm days in the spring or fall (today being an exception). I look forward to seeing what Small Change has in store for year number two!

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