Poll: Biggest Oversight In My Underrated Breweries Article

I recently published an article on The Full Pint highlighting 16 Massachusetts breweries that make spectacular beer but don’t get enough hype. The response has been phenomenal, but the most common comment has been “what about Brewery X?” I mentioned in the article that I could have easily mentioned 20 more places, there are so many breweries in Mass making awesome beer, but my word count in the article was already excessive. So I thought I would follow the article up with a little poll: Which brewery was the biggest miss in my article? All of the listed answers below were suggested by commenters on the blog or social media. Even the second-to-last answer (multiple times), which was disappointing but totally expected.


1 Comment

  1. No arguments with your list, but in the spirit of the poll I voted People’s Pint. My wife and I have driven 1.5-2 hours from Malden to Greenfield for some beer and a Squealer Burger!

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