HoppyBoston Best Beers: Winter 2013/2014

Hoppy Boston is officially six months old! Thank you for following the blog, and feel free to follow on Twitter (@HoppyBoston) or Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/hoppyboston) for frequent updates and notices. This post gives a quick recap of some of my favorite beers reviewed on the blog this winter (December-February). Click on the titles for the full reviews!

Wormtown Be HoppyWormtown Be Hoppy IPA: Everything that is great about the American IPA style. The hops really sing here, tons of citrus fruit and solid bitterness. Just enough malt to balance out the beer.

Maine Beer Co Another OneMaine Beer Company Another One IPA: I know that Lunch is Maine Beer Company’s signature beer, there is a good reason that it is so popular, but Another One is at least as good. Big, bright hop flavors and tons of aroma, one smell and you’re hooked. I bought a few bottles fresh at the brewery and wish I had picked up some more.

Pretty Things BarbapapaPretty Things Barbapapa Russian Imperial Stout: Heavy and complex, full of all the great flavors that define dark and roasted malts. This is a big and boozy beer, perfect for sipping on a cold winter night.

Enlightenment IlluminationEnlightenment Ales Illumination Belgian IPA: When done correctly, the combination of citrus and tropical fruit in many American hop varieties can pair perfectly with the fruity esters of Belgian yeast strains. It is done almost flawlessly here, with fresh and bright flavors that are all in balance.

Founders Imperial StoutFounders Imperial Stout: Big, dark and malty, tons of chocolate and coffee flavor. Despite the aggressive flavors, thick mouthfeel, and high ABV, this beer is pretty easy to drink and goes down smooth.

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